I tell myself this every day

I tell myself this every day

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa Might Actually Come

A lot of people asked to help out with my kids' Christmas through an Amazon wish list so I had the girls set up their own. I left them alone with a computer while they did so and the results are one list with a humble 4 items on it and my other daughter put a modest......... 82 items on her list. Obviously, don't feel like my youngest will have a disappointIng Christmas if santa doesn't show up with the whopping 92 items she's so freely clicked upon. I just can't afford to get them presents at this point (due to job loss ) so anything under the tree will bring a smile to their face, and also the fact that humans don't have to personally know each other in order be kind and experience empathy. That's what's most important, my kids understanding how caring for others works.

Faye's List

Lydia's List

On the flip side, some people out there don't like kids, which I totally understand. But those people usually love the shit out of dogs. So if you would like to spread holiday cheer but think children are germ infested leeches slowly eating away at our precious resources, then I have something for you! I created a doggie wish list because I have 3 dogs that are a huge part of keeping me stable. I'm not just talking about the snuggles, the kisses, or the adorable tale wags- I mean training them, making sure I stay on schedule, keeping a routine, monitoring my body language, analyzing and correcting my emotions so I don't transfer negativity to them, solving psychological problems they have, and hundreds of other invaluable ways they unknowingly keep me sane. The only non toy on there is a jacket for my pit, she has the thinnest coat I've ever seen on a dog and freezes on cold day walks. I've been using a sad combination of a thrift store dog jacket that's full of holes that I s falling apart, and one of my kid's sweaters they out grew and I chopped up to make it roughly fit. It doesn't keep her very warm and she looks homeless. Obviously, the dogs will not know they are missing out if they have nothing under the tree this holiday, but it will contribute to their happiness and in a way be a gift for my kids, my husband, myself, and our neighbors who much rather live next door to a house where the dogs are happy and occupied vs of a pack of unhinged furry terrorists.

Doggie List

Anything helps and everything is appreciated ❤️

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